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Plan of Action

There are many steps that are carried out during the delivery and installation procedure of a photocopier and printer. Each of these are necessary elements for making the process as smooth and efficient as possible.

While deciding on the device that best suits your needs, we will ascertain the logistics and space available to ensure it is suitable for housing the photocopier or printer. In addition to this, things such as what floor the machine will be on and the potential access points and stairs to be used. Furthermore, power outlets and network sockets need to factored in.

These are some of the more basic questions we will be asking to make the delivery and installation straightforward. Often, a site visit will be made to help us collect the necessary measurements and be able to visualize the process for once we arrive to install in the near future.

It should be noted that prior to Installation, A & A will make a site visit in order to plan how the device will be maneuvered on site to its final position. Without a doubt, we always strive in making the installation run smooth to minimise any potential disruption. Additionally, our technicians will work closely with your IT services before we arrive ensuring the machine will communicate with your network to speed up the installation process.

Installation FAQ’s


1. How long will the installation take?

Delivery and Set-up: Our friendly and experienced team will start by checking the information collected during the site visit and questions asked when ordering the device are still correct. Once confirmed, the team will install the new device and if applicable, remove the old one. The pause in you being able to print will be around 10 -15 minutes. The engineers will then spend approximately another hour on-site to ensure everyone is able to communicate with the photocopier and run checks to ensure its operating correctly.

2. How long will I not be able to print for during installation?

The device downtime will be 10 – 15 minutes while the swap is carried out.

3. Can we have a timed delivery slot?

Yes, prior to delivery, we will organise a day and time that best coincides with your needs to minimise the disruption of installing your new photocopier or printer.

Fault Diagnosis

Importantly, when a technician is required on site for a call-out due to the device either needing new parts or registering a fault, we aim to get to you within 4 working hours and our conversion rate is over 97%. Moreover, our first time fix rate for any faults is over 98%. A & A know how important it is for our clients to keep downtime to a minimum.

Due to our range of photocopiers being capable of contacting us for device faults, toner levels, and meter readings, this will save yourself time as you won’t need to contact us with the information. Also, once the toner levels read below a pre-set percentage, A & A will be alerted and the consumables will be delivered.

Connection Services

Along with Installation, A & A also offer connectivity services alongside our installation work. In fact, our skilled technicians are able to integrate our Photocopiers & Interactive Solutions into most commercial environments.

Subsequently, due to our approach in visiting your premises before the installation, downtime is kept to a minimum as we setup and ensure the new model co-operates with your network and allows your employees to continue working with minimal impact.

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