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Once a decision has been made about updating your document management services, you need to think about photocopier prices to ensure they suit your budget. Fortunately, there are many different purchasing options we provide. With our flexible options, we are able to accommodate a wide range of client requirements to provide a bespoke solution that is cost efficient.

Firstly, you could buy your printers and photocopiers outright so you completely own the device from day one. Costs can range from £200 for low end devices to upwards of £100,000 for more advanced production machines and equipment.


Leasing a device gives you the option of spreading the payment over a fixed term which can be between 1 and 5 years. It tends to be the most tax efficient way of acquiring a facility and only requires 1 quarterly payment up front, also providing the added benefit of paying a fixed cost each quarter.

From long standing relationships with leading finance options and providers, we are able to offer competitive rates. Included in the fixed cost is delivery and installation of the machine as well as providing operator training. Lease finance options provide you with a great product package.


Types of Leasing Available


Lease Purchase

Lease purchase is a type of ‘rent to own’ lease with regular payments, usually with a deposit paid beforehand that keeps quarterly payments low. The lessee would own the asset at the end of the contract, normally after a residual value lump sum is paid. This lump sum is based on the monetary depreciation of the asset and your predicted usage of the machine.

Leasing or Finance Lease

Leasing or a finance lease (sometimes referred to as a capital lease) is similar to lease purchase in terms of quarterly payments, but you do not own the machine at the end of the contract.


Buying is a good choice for any customer who wants a quick, easy path to owning a device. Only one payment is required, and we’ll work with you as always to give advice on the model that would be best suited for your requirements.

Lease, Buy, Rent


When leasing or buying a device isn’t an option, rental is the best alternative and something we offer here at A&A Digital Copiers. It’s also the most suitable choice for customers looking to use the device for a shorter period of time. When renting a photocopier, as usual, you will receive the best device for your needs.

The device will be prepared and installed for you, set up so it can be used to its full potential immediately.

We pride ourselves on providing a variety of options and solutions to accommodate all needs.

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