Data Security

Data Security

Multi-Layered Approach to Security

With the digitisation of the workplace and the increasing use of devices which connect to the network and to each other, information can be easily stored, shared, and accessed by numerous people within the business and externally too. That’s good for productivity, although it does mean that businesses need to make data security a high priority to make sure these new access points are safe from potential threats.

To keep your data safe, we provide a multi-layered approach to security on the devices we supply, focusing on Controlled User Access, Network, and Document Security. Controlling access to the Photocopier and Printer is important in-order to overcome the threat of unwanted use of the equipment. A & A Digital can provide a wealth of built-in access control options. Furthermore, when it comes to document security, ensuring company data and personal data is secure and controlled is important for any organisation and again we can offer many built-in features to encrypt your information.

Security Features

The devices sitting in your office are as vulnerable to an attack by hackers as any other networked computer. Here we look at a number of ways we can handle this challenge and offer protection for your information across our range of products from Multi-Function Printers, to Interactive Solutions.

The extensive range of products A&A supply, come with a range of essential security features and security modes, and we offer a comprehensive portfolio of award-winning document management solutions, helping you to keep your business information safe. We take your business processes and security, both on and offsite, very seriously. That is why we’re constantly adding to and improving the security options available to continue providing market-leading solutions.

Data Encryption

Our products come with a vast array of data security features as standard with options for additional features to be added. With data encryption enabled, AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm method is used on communication and on the data before it is written to RAM and the hard disk or solid state drive.

Data Overwrite

Up to 10 times programmable overwrite is used to erase data on the Hard Disk Drive. The data is overwritten by random numbers. The data overwrite method can be customised to meet each organisation’s security requirements.

When the device is retired, we provide standard End-of-Ownership features to ensure that all of the stored information is overwritten, safeguarding your data.

Network Security

Our solutions feature an intelligent network interface that essentially acts as a firewall, that can limit access to specific computers on a network by IP or MAC address, and selectively enable or disable any protocol or service port on each device.

We take security seriously which is why we offer market-leading solutions that ensures we continue to be regarded as one of the best within our industry, which is why businesses and government agencies depend on us to keep their confidential data safe from unauthorised access.

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