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Designed for meeting spaces of two to six people, the BIG PAD PN-40TC1 is a new way to create collaboration spaces in your office.


Maximise Resources

Millions of meetings take place in offices around the world every day. The vast majority of these meetings only involve a few people, and the tools they need to have a successful meeting are fairly basic.

They do not need a huge screen or lots of equipment; they just need to be able to start sharing information quickly. This is where the 40” BIG PAD interactive display fits in enabling people to share ideas, host video conferences and work collaboratively on tasks.

Lots of companies are creating informal meeting spaces where staff and employees can meet, discuss ideas and work through projects. These ‘Huddle Spaces’ are typically small conference areas designed with two to six users in mind. They come equipped with audio and visual systems to allow for easy sharing of ideas and conference calls with group members not present in the office.

The compact interactive display offers a host of features that make it not only user-friendly but also cost-effective to deploy, and why it will make collaboration in your office more effective and powerful.

Screen Size

The SHARP BIG PAD range is well-known for offering a great touch experience on a large interactive display. However, the BIG PAD PN-40TC1 is the smallest and most compact interactive display in the range yet. It is built around a 40-inch widescreen TFT LCD with 1920 x 1080-pixel resolution and an active screen area of 878.1 x 485.3mm, making it ideal for smaller meeting spaces. The overall weight of the device is 17.5 kg, so it can be easily wall-mounted.

Return on Investment 

One of the key areas of any Huddle Space is making it affordable to implement and maintain. By creating a smaller and more compact screen yet still retaining all the features businesses have come to expect from the BIG PAD range, the Sharp BIG PAD PN-40TC1 offers a more cost-effective but equally efficient solution that offers collaborative workers everything they need.

In summary, the Sharp BIG PAD PN-40TC1 makes meetings and communications in small spaces smoother and more productive.

If you are excited by the prospect of adding a more flexible interactive display solution to your office environment, find out more about the Sharp BIG PAD PN-40TC1.



From handwriting recognition to anti-glare technology, the SHARP BIG PAD PN-65SC1 interactive display has everything you need to transform lessons and meetings.

We have launched a new size option for BIG PAD, 65-inch, for schools and small to medium-sized businesses who want to introduce their first large format interactive display to classrooms and meeting rooms. Below we look at 10 reasons why the BIG PAD 65TC1 is an ideal place to start with collaboration technology.

One-Touch Operability

Buttons for frequently used functions such as power on/off, input switching and volume are on the front of the frame to make the PN-65SC1 easy to operate. There is also a privacy button on the bezel, which means that you can immediately freeze or hide content. While the display continues to show a paused on-screen image, you can work on the connected PC without displaying its operation screen.

Simultaneous Writing

Make brainstorming sessions and classroom activities more lively and productive by getting more people involved. The PN-65SC1 can recognise 10 touch points, which allows up to four people to use a touch pen or finger to write on the display at the same time.

Handwriting Recognition

SHARP Pen Software features a handwriting recognition function that converts selected on-screen handwriting into standard text. This smart and convenient function makes it easy to turn on-screen content into text that can be used in Microsoft® Office programmes and applications. It can also recognise handwritten shapes—such as circles, triangles, and straight lines—and automatically convert them into objects.



Key Features:

  • True 4K reading and writing user experience
  • BIG PAD for demanding office, education and mission-critical environments
  • Multi-Board configurations
  • Latest BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) interconnectivity
  • Intuitive writing, drawing and annotation
  • “Pen-On-Paper” User Experience with Highly Responsive Projected Capacitive Touch (P-CAP) 30-Point Touch

4K Visual Clarity

The PN-80TH5 is the ultimate premium 4K interactive display for corporate office meetings, architectural construction, engineering design, medical review and demanding mission-critical collaborative working environments. Building on Sharp’s unique pioneering IWB legacy, the BIG PAD PN-80TH5 represents Sharp’s latest innovative insight and unparalleled experience in providing outstanding collaborative touchscreen solutions.

Offering state-of-the-art collaboration with the outstandingly smooth projected capacitive (P-CAP) touch technology, Sharp’s new flagship series of 4K BIG PAD interactive displays is once again re-inventing collaborative teamwork.


SHARP’s premium 80” 4K BIG PAD has the “Pen-On-Paper” user experience at the heart of its design. The incredibly fast, responsive and sensitive projected-capacitive 30-point multi-touch has been optimised for best touch performance in demanding applications, such as boardroom meetings, lecture theatres, specialised professional review and mission-critical war-room environments. Enhanced team communication and the capturing of all creative expression means that the best conditions for decisive and productive collaboration are achieved.

Pen Software

The acclaimed, smart and intuitive SHARP Pen Software works with the bundled active stylus (2mm tip) to open up new ways for brainstorming, sharing ideas and finalising decisions. Powerful, flexible and technologically innovative, Sharp’s BIG PAD PN-80TH5 provides an outstanding collaboration platform to encourage creativity, boost meeting productivity and enhance effective decision making. The powerful Windows driver, Pen Digitizer, ensures automatic, intuitive and intelligent switching between Pen annotation and Finger control. It’s so good, you won’t even notice the switch! Finally, the PN-80TH5 offers flexible and powerful application enhancement opportunities via the Mini OPS slot extension.

Multi-Board Technology

Using one BIG PAD is good. Using two or three BIG PAD PN-80TH5’s in the powerful Multi-Board configuration is even better! BIG PAD can be linked together to operate as a single collaboration surface. SHARP Touch Viewer Software also offers an easy-to-use interface and file system to collect and organise data from different collaborative projects.

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