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Prior to Installation, A & A will make a site visit in order to plan how the device will be manoeuvred on site to its final position. We always strive in making the installation run smooth to minimise any potential disruption.

In addition our technicians will work closely with your IT services before we arrive ensuring the machine will communicate with your network to speed up the installation process.


When a technician is required on site for a call-out due to the device either needing new parts or registering a fault, we aim to get to you within 4 working hours and our conversion rate is over 97%. In addition, our first time fix rate for any faults is over 98%. A & A know how important it is for our clients to keep downtime to a minimum.

Our range of MFP’s are capable of contacting us for toner levels and meter readings thus saving you time as you won’t need to contact us. Once the toner levels read below a pre-set percentage, A & A will be alerted and the consumables will be delivered.

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