Optimised Visitor Management

Today’s visitors expect a streamlined and efficient sign-in and reception service


As part of Sharp’s suite of Optimised Software Solutions, our Visitor Management system extends the benefits of digital transformation into the reception area. It is a smart, secure and easy to use platform for visitor, employee and contractor registration ensuring that you always make a great firsts impression, while freeing up administrative resources for more productive tasks.

Simply Smarter Service

With its intuitive software and touchscreen technology, Sharp’s Optimised Visitor Management system provides a really quick and easy way to self-sign-in and out of sites or specific building zones. Saving receptionist time managing guest sign-ins, there’s also no need to locate the visitor’s host. The system will instantly notify them by email or text message that their guest has arrived.

GDPR Compliance

Not only does it create a great first impression and free up more time for front desk staff but more importantly it helps create a safer, more secure, more compliant, and more efficient working environment.


Advanced reporting lets you generate real-time reports to identify exactly who is in the building for security, compliance and health & safety reasons. You can even contact all visitors quickly and easily with evacuation instructions in the event of an emergency.


With three options to choose from there is a solution to meet everyone’s needs:


Small – 10” Screen

This compact counter top system with simple to use touchscreen offers ease and efficiency to users.

Medium – 15” Screen

This medium sized system offers users a slightly larger screen. Combine the optional printer and stand to save space.

Large – 40” Screen

This freestanding system is perfect for larger reception areas. It can be displayed landscape on a counter top or mounted portrait on the optional stand which can accommodate the optional printer creating a complete freestanding unit.

  • Each option has a HD Pro Webcam as standard
  • Mobile apps for on-site tracking, emergency and evacuation management

Optional Extras Available:

  • Compact Wireless Printer

(Visitors can print their own ID badges easily)

  • Barcode Scanner

(Faster Sign-in and out for employees and contractors)

  • Kiosk Stand

(Small / medium / large as illustrated)

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