Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What support is there?

    Cloud Portal Office is so intuitive to use that you probably won’t need extra technical support. But if you do you’ll find everything you need in the User Guide and Administrator’s Guide, or your local SHARP dealer will be pleased to help.

  • Can it really compete with services such as dropbox?

    Simple Cloud services are fine for storing non-confidential files and photos. But Cloud Portal Office is a secure, licence-based, multi-platform collaboration solution designed for serious business use.

  • How secure is it?

    Cloud Portal Office uses a combination of advanced encryption, personal user licences (which, if necessary, can be instantly revoked by your IT Administrator), and exclusively European server farms to protect against unauthorised access.

  • Is Cloud Portal Office easy to use and install?

    If you have a Sharp MFP or a Sharp BIG PAD interactive flat panel display you can start using it right now. Every user that you authorise will benefit from single sign-on access from any supported platform, including mobile devices.

  • Who will benefit from Cloud Portal Office?

    Cloud Portal Office is ideal for anyone who wants to store, share and retrieve information, and any organisation – of any size – that wants to build better teamwork and closer collaboration.

  • What is the function of the Duplex?

    The Duplex allows for a double sided output, enabling both sides of the sheet to be printed.

  • What is the bypass tray used for?

    This is the located on the side of the machine, allowing for heavier paper or card stock to be loaded and pass through the MFP. In addition, the tray provides a quick access point to save opening the main cassettes to load just a few sheets for the required print job.

  • I have lines on my copies, but only when using the document feeder

    Clean the slit glass adjacent to the large glass piece (platen) under the document feeder.

  • Is Toner Included In My Cost Per Copy Charge?

    Yes, your cost per copy charge is inclusive of toner, parts, labour and service call-outs.

  • Can I purchase a service agreement if I purchase my equipment?

    Yes, if you choose to purchase your equipment we recommend a service agreement which includes delivery and installation of the equipment, in addition to training, toner, parts, labour and service call-outs.

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