Finance & Leasing Options

Having selected the correct product, we offer three ways for you to acquire a device while keeping the process and cost transparent throughout.


Leasing a device gives you the option of spreading the payment over a fixed term which can be between 1 and 5 years. It tends to be the most tax efficient way of acquiring a facility and only requires 1 quarterly payment up front, also providing the added benefit of paying a fixed cost each quarter.

From long standing relationships with leading finance providers we are able to offer competitive rates. Included in the fixed cost is delivery and installation of the machine as well as providing operator training.

Lease Example


Buying is a good choice for any customer who wants a quick, easy path to owning a device. Only one payment is required, and we’ll work with you as always to give advice on the model that would be best suited for your requirements.


When leasing or buying a device isn’t an option, rental is the best alternative and something we offer here at A & A Digital Copiers. It’s also the most suitable choice for customers looking to use the device for a shorter period of time. When renting a photocopier, as usual, you will receive the best device for your needs.

The device will be prepared and installed for you, and set up so you can use it too its full potential immediately.

On occasions, a photocopier is required for a number of months. Customers require this usually include building contractors. For these circumstances, renting is the most efficient.

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