Sharp’s BIG PAD PN-65SC1 has been developed for classrooms, higher education campuses as well as office meeting rooms and workspaces. Building on Sharp’s expertise in advanced smart interactive display solutions, the PN-65SC1 offers flexible and powerful application enhancement opportunities via the Mini OPS slot extension.

Offering the latest on-screen collaboration capabilities with attractive price performance, Sharp’s latest 65” BIG PAD interactive flat panel display can help you enhance communication and create the conditions for best collaboration. Whether in a classroom or a meeting room, it can sometimes be a challenge to keep everyone focused and engaged. The generous full HD 65″ touchscreen monitor lets you display, create and collaborate with ease and precision.

The fully featured and powerful Sharp Pen software opens up new ways for brainstorming, sharing ideas and finalising decisions. The easy to use Freeze-Frame button also allows the presenter or teacher to maintain full content control, even when accessing sensitive information on an attached device. Powerful, flexible and cost-effective, the latest Sharp BIG PAD PN-65SC1 provides an outstanding platform with easy connectivity via VGA, HDMI or DisplayPort inputs to either boost collaboration, enhance audience impact, or simply increase lesson effectiveness.

To make the transition from using a whiteboard to using an interactive display simple, we made the main skill you need, writing, as similar as possible.

Being confident is especially important for teachers as they have to use technology in front of a critical audience, and maintain the respect of the class throughout. Our aim is for teachers to be able to ignore the underlying technology, and remain confident in its benefits, while getting on with the task of educating.

Sharp Big Pad 16

Interactive Touchscreen Table: Meet UP Edition

Intuitive natural touch user experience

The screen uses the latest P-CAP touch technology providing a more responsive and natural experience, helping users to easily access materials.

Helping residents get the best experience

The Meet UP allows residents to explore a wide range of media and materials from the comfort of their social room. The innovative P-CAP touch technology makes it easy for older users to use apps and resources. The responsive and natural touch means that even those with limited dexterity will still be able to gain the most out of their interactive experience.

The tables allows users to learn new skills, access information and play games with their fellow residents – helping to alleviate some of the isolation and boredom the may feel as an older person.

RemindMeCare: supporting elderly care and residents with dementia

The RemindMeCare (ReMe) app has been developed with person centred care and dementia support in mind. The app provides residents with their own profile where they or their carer can upload details about their life, discover engaging content and record the day’s events and their feelings – allowing them to keep an interactive log of their lives.

ReMe is based on the key principles of:

  • Recognition
  • Involvement
  • Collaboration
  • Facilitation
  • Need for Identity
  • Need for occupation

Remote access for families, automated data capture of activity provision, outcomes and reporting are just some of the many features.

  • Collaboration & Gamification
  • Ofsted / Care Quality Commission Approved
  • Robust Screen
  • Internal Battery
  • Height Adjustable

A unique self-contained mobile solutionPowered by a built-in battery pack, simply charge the table overnight and unplug to use throughout the day, eliminating trip hazards and maximising mobility.The Meet UP comes complete with an integrated Full HD resolution screen for the highest visual clarity. Using the latest P-CAP touch technology, its multi-touchscreen encourages group interaction. The self-contained, compact and future-proofed solution requires minimal storage space.

Cable-free and mobile activity centre

The battery pack allows the Meet UP and Early Years Edition Tables to be used up to 8 hours from one single charge.


Interactive Touchscreen Table: Early Years Edition

Product Description

SHARP’s Interactive Table, Early Years Edition is the perfect mobile activity board for Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 classrooms. The robust and durable table uses the latest 10 point touch technology to allow a number of children to draw and mark directly onto the screen, using either their hand or finger.

The Interactive Table is powered by a built-in battery pack, simply charge and unplug to use throughout the day, eliminating trip hazards and maximising mobility. The table can be easily tilted and locked into position, allowing children to interact together around the table on learning apps, games or puzzles.

Alternatively, the table can be tilted further to 68 degrees before being locked into place to enable children to use it more comfortably whilst sitting to watch videos and cartoons or if they are playing on their own.

Pre-installed content and sensory apps are suitable for individual or group activities, encouraging children to socialise, learn, share and communicate. The table can be securely connected directly to the internet via the Wi-Fi feature or linked to another wireless or Bluetooth device, such as a printer to share children’s activities and creativity with friends and family.

Key Features

  • Powerful games-based learning
  • Single Charge of battery pack lasts 11 hours
  • Full HD, multi-touch, capacitive touch
  • Multiple screen tilt positions

Ofsted guidance on Early Learning Goals, published in 2017, states that children should have access in school to a wide range of technologies that they might use at home. Early learners need to explore a wide range of media and materials, and be provided with opportunities and encouraged to share their thoughts and feelings through many activities, including technology.

We provide all the interactive software solutions including the leading early learning developer Yellow Door, full of a large selection of multi sensory applications and resources providing language-rich environments to enhance children’s learning, their well-being and their future success. Our range includes tactile resources and educational applications for children in the EYFS and those with SEND.

The interactive touchscreen table allows young children to develop important early learning skills such as hand eye coordination, reading, writing, speaking, listening, literacy and numeracy, whilst having fun playing with others.


Powered by an internal rechargeable battery pack lasting 11 hours on one charge, the table has a built-in Android operating system, enabling access to a rich library of educational software. The touchscreen and gesture control delivers an intuitive, child friendly interface, allowing children to interact directly with what’s happening on screen.

Up to 10 simultaneous touches are supported, allowing children to play and learn together. Children can write on the screen using either their finger, or a touch pen. SHARP BIG PAD interactive table is an interactive and mobile activity board, ideal for delivering interactive learning experiences to Key Stage 1 and Nursery children.

Designed with early years in mind

Built specifically for pre-school children and early years’ activities, the interactive touchscreen table comes with 6mm toughened and durable safety glass which can be wiped-clean. With a robust aluminium base and sleek oak wood finish, the table is designed to withstand intense daily use.

It can be easily manoeuvred from room to room with locking brakes for added safety and security. The screen can be tilted and locked in place making the table appropriate for all users.

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