Interacting with the display

SHARP has made interacting with the BIG PAD easier, not only with great pen software technology, but also the pen hardware you can use to write on the screen.

SHARP offers two forms of pen: Passive and Active technology pens. The Passive pen is the basic approach to interacting with the display and works in a similar way to using your finger. It activates the capacitive touch, or infrared beam of the screen when you touch the display.

An interactive and appealing way to work for many is using the Active pen, which is far more versatile. Using this pen, you can easily launch and display the ‘Sharp Pen Software’ user interface, while a pressure sensor at the tip of the lightweight pen lets you write with high precision and an uninterrupted flow.

What’s more, the pen allows the user to interact with shortcuts, such as switching the colour of the pen at the click of a button, to quick access to other menu functions. Each pen has its own dedicated menu, which can be displayed even when up to four people are writing on the screen at the same time.

Handwritten notes on the screen can quickly be turned into text and saved using the screen’s handwriting recognition function, allowing you to use onscreen content to make neat and legible copies of your notes.

For even more flexibility, when the BIG PAD is in presentation mode you can use the SHARP active pen as a presentation aid, clicking forward and backwards through slides with ease.

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