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Keeping your photocopier well maintained is a good idea to maintain great quality and performance. The devices are built to last, though wear and tear will still occur over its lifetime, so a quick check over now and again is important.

What should I do to maintain my copier?

Generally, your photocopier will be self-sufficient, but occasionally you’ll need to do a few simple checks to make sure it continues to do so. Keeping your MFP running smoothly is straight forward as long as everything is maintained. On SHARP MFP’s, situated in the front access door are cleaning tools available to clear any spent toner that may be affecting the copy quality.


Furthermore, you can make sure the glass at the top of the machine is clean including the small slit to the left of the large piece, as any imperfections or blemishes on there can impact the quality of any scans or copies.

Replacing any empty toner cartridges or a full waste toner box is important, and your photocopier will prompt you when to do this. In addition, if you include a ‘Service Agreement’ in your purchase we will be able to send you replacement consumables before they are required for your device, so all you need to is replace them. The process of swapping these parts over is straight forward, and we will demonstrate this during the installation process to ensure you are fully confident.

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