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A & A Digital Copiers are an Authorised dealer for SHARP Multifunction Printers (MFP’s) offering our clients a range of options. In addition, A & A also supply other SHARP solutions for the corporate and education sector

  • Multi-Functional Printers
  • Interactive Solutions
  • Digital Signage

SHARP has unveiled the MX series, a new range of digital, full colour multi-functional printers delivering advanced colour, speed, security and environmental performance in the office environment.

Through leadership in digital technology, SHARP offers a range of truly multi-functional devices. You can choose from a range of products with Copy, Print, Scan and Fax capabilities to create the best solution to meet the demands of your workplace.



MX-C250F Front
Sharp MX-C250F
MX-C300W Front
Sharp MX-C300W
MX-C300P Front
Sharp MX-C300P

Neo 2

MX-C303W Front
Sharp MX-C303W
MX-C304W Front
Sharp MX-C304W
White Background


Griffin 2 Range

MX-2651 Front
Sharp MX-2651
MX-3051 Front
Sharp MX-3051
MX-3551 Front
Sharp MX-3551
MX-4051 Front with finisher and paper drawer
Sharp MX-4051
MX-5051 Front with staple finisher and paper drawer
Sharp MX-5051
MX-6051 Front
Sharp MX-6051

Phoenix 2 RSPF

MX-3061 Front
Sharp MX-3061
MX-3561 Front
Sharp MX-3561
MX-4061 with staple finisher and paper drawer
Sharp MX-4061

Phoenix 2 DSPF

MX-3071 Front
Sharp MX-3071
MX-3571 Front with staple finisher and paper drawer
Sharp MX-3571
MX-4071 Front with staple finisher and paper drawer
Sharp MX-4071
MX-5071 Front
Sharp MX-5071
MX-6071 Front
Sharp MX-6071
White Background

Polaris Office II

MX-6580 Front
Sharp MX-6580
MX-7580 Front
Sharp MX-7580
White Background

Polaris PRO2

MX-7090 Front
Sharp MX-7090
MX-8090 Front
Sharp MX-8090
White Background
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