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Allan Brown – Managing Director

My name is Allan Brown and I’m the Managing Director of A & A Digital Copiers (Service) Limited, a company I formed with the help of my wife Alison, nearly 30 years ago.

The catalyst for starting the business was born out of the fact that I was working as a Sales Representative for a company selling photocopiers but what I was finding and became increasingly concerned about was that they were totally focused on sales and treating service like a necessary evil. This didn’t and still to this day, does not sit at all with mine or A & A’s ethos.

Even though I am from a sales background, to me service is paramount. If you really think about it, the sales person sells you the first machine but when you want the next one (and the one after that and so on) it’s the service you’ve received (and the technicians who have looked after you) that you remember and this is what really clinches the on-going business relationship.

This then creates business retention which I believe is so important to both parties, forming long-term business relationships of trust and satisfaction and we have been doing just that from the very beginning and continue to do so. I feel proud about us staying true to our goal and mindset from the beginning.

This is our ethos.

What you will also find these days with almost all other photocopier companies is that they are sales-led and they don’t employ enough technicians (back to the necessary evil) so your ‘down-time’ is longer than you would like. However, our approach about us is as follows:

“I would rather have a technician waiting for a call, than a call waiting for a technician”.

So, if you are in the market for a photocopier or any other product we supply, why not give us a call and join the many satisfied and well looked-after clients we already have.

Don’t just take my word for it, before you ring take a look at a selection of our testimonials.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Allan D BrownManaging Director

A & A Digital Copiers (Service) Ltd.

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